First court reporting training

Court Reporting Training

The court reporting profession is a competitive and rewarding career that continues to play a vital role in the legal system. If you’ve been thinking of becoming a court reporter, there has never been a better time to begin than now.

Our court reporting program curriculum focuses on stenography, the most common method of court reporting. Students are introduced to this field by using a stenotype machine - a word processor with a modified, 22-button keyboard. Students focus on spelling words phonetically, and upon graduation a student can record more than 200 words per minute.

Our program is approved by the National Court Reporting Association (NCRA) and provides the skills necessary to become a realtime writer. We are the only court reporting program in the state that is approved by the Office of Degree Authorization to offer an AAS degree in this discipline.

When considering a profession that is right for you, consider these four key components that the court reporting field provides:

  1. Job Security: 5500 job openings in the next 5 years.
  2. Challenging: Character-building career that provides endless career opportunities
  3. Flexibility: The ability to set your own work schedule
  4. Rewarding: The ability to help others

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Our program prepares reporters for a career in a variety of settings. Here a just a few that you could be working in after graduating:

  • Courtrooms
  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Closed-captioning services for TV stations
  • Business seminars and/or webinars
  • College campuses assisting the hearing-impaired
  • Legislator offices
  • Business or other organizational conventions

Our graduates receive an associate’s degree that is designed to develop their skills in a variety of legal and professional settings, while providing them with the knowledge of issues shaping court reporting and today’s court reporting workforce. Our program includes actual field experience with an internship designed to allow students to gain real world experience by working side by side with experienced reporters.

Our program is authorized by the National Court Reporting Association (NCRA), Office of Degree Authorization (ODA), and by the Accrediting Council for Independent College and Schools (ACICS).

Promoting Excellence in Court Reporting

Sumner College promotes intellectual growth and development for students in a safe and secure learning environment. We strive to create an educational environment that fosters the development of ethical and competent court reporters that will shape and lead our future court reporting workforce.

Why Sumner College?

  • Our court reporting program is the only NCRA-approved program in the State of Oregon and has been since 1974.
  • No prerequisite classes are required to apply.
  • Court reporting machines are available for students to rent while they attend their program.
  • Smaller class sizes provide more access to instructors when students need help.
  • Our Career Services representatives work with all our students to help them with placement.
  • Our Financial Aid department helps students explore options to fund their program.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in finding out more about our court reporting degree program at Sumner College, please contact us at 503-223-5100 to speak with an admissions representative, or to schedule a tour.

the gestapo reporting training school1
the gestapo reporting training school1
Novak Djokovic Training 2013 Court Level #3
Novak Djokovic Training 2013 Court Level #3
David Ferrer and Gael Monfils Training 2014-COURT LEVEL VIEW
David Ferrer and Gael Monfils Training 2014-COURT LEVEL VIEW
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