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Michael O Neill shot and killed by Herbert Woods in Ballygroman House Ovens near Cork, at around 2.30 a.m.

Irish Times Tuesday 2nd May.

Midnight April 26th to 1 am April 27th.Francis Fitzmaurice, D Gray, T Buttimer (sic)

Two others wounded. Others escaped by taking refuge in the fields including the Church of Ireland Rector (see letter below) and the Methodist Minister (see letter below)

Irish Times

Friday 28th April

Report of Murder

Report on death of Cmdt. Michael O Neill which occurred on Tuesday 25th. While standing in the hallway a shot rang out, and O Neill died later of his wounds. The Irish Times reported 'It is understood that a member of the Hornibrook family was arrested.' The funeral was in Bandon. (see Report Irish Times)

Irish Times Thur 27th April.

10.30 p.m.Robert Howe shot and killed at Kinneigh two miles north of Ballineen

Irish Times Saturday 29th April

John Chinnery was shot early in the morning of the 28th although his headstone in Kinneigh Church of Ireland states he died on the 27th.

Irish Times Saturday 29th April.

2 a.m.John Buttimer and James Greenfield shot and killed 3 hours after the shooting of Robert Howe.

Alexander McKinley shot sometime after dark at his home on the main street of Ballineen. He was living in the Peyton House hence the confusion of the name.

Report on Murders

Report on page 5 of the Irish Times about 'Five more murders-Night of terror in Cork Village'. The full details of the murders at Ballineen- a village situated about ten miles west of Bandon-and Clonakility are not yet avilable. Our Cork Correspondent learned yesterday, however, that the victims were:-

The Rev. Richard C.M. Harbord of Murragh Rectory, or his son. [Ralph Harbord was in fact the victim but he survived]

Gerald Peyton, (Alexander McKinley) aged 20 years, of Ballineen

John Chinnery, aged 32 years, a farmer, who lived about three miles from Ballineen in the direction of Castletown-Kinneigh.

Robert Nagle, aged about 18 years, of Mc Curtain Hill, Clonakilty, son of Thomas Nagle, a process-server, and caretaker of the Masonic Hall, which was burned recently.

It was learned yesterday that armed men visited other houses during the night, but, fortunately, the persons for whom they asked were absent.

One account of Mr. Chinnery's death was that early yesterday morning he was awoken by loud knocks on the door. When he opened it he was surrounded by armed men...

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