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Court reports Sheffield

Honorable Judge Mark J. Mihok
Honorable Thomas J. Elwell, Jr.
Lori Maiorana, Clerk of Court
D. Chris Cook, Magistrate

Serving Lorain, Sheffield Lake and Sheffield Township

The Lorain Municipal Clerk of Court Office now accepts on-line payment and telephone payment for qualified criminal and traffic payments and waivers!!

  • Telephone Payment: (440) 204-2140
  • 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except holidays.
  • Internet Payments are currently not operational please call (440) 204-2140 to make a telephone payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are working to get internet payments fixed as soon as possible

In an effort to better serve you, everyone who has any financial transactions with this court, credit card payment is now a payment option. The Lorain Municipal Clerk of Court Office accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Credit Card payment is accepted in person, in the Clerk of Court office, for all transactions and over the telephone. A $4.00 additional Court Cost will be charged for each credit card transaction. This Court Cost will be added to the amount you are paying each time you use a credit card.

Judicial Division

The Lorain Municipal Court is a court of record, having jurisdiction in law and equity, whenever an action or proceeding is properly brought before it, to determine, preserve and enforce all rights concerned and to hear and determine all legal and equitable remedies necessary or proper for complete determination of the rights of the parties. The court has jurisdiction on the violation of any ordinance of the city of Lorain or of any misdemeanor committed in Lorain. The court has jurisdiction to hold preliminary hearings in felony cases committed in Lorain and to discharge, recognize or commit the accused. The court's territorial jurisdiction covers the city of Sheffield Lake and Sheffield Township as well as that of the city of Lorain.

The court also has jurisdiction in civil cases where the amount to be recovered does not exceed Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15, 000.00). Civil actions such as those for the recovery of property, those based on contract, interpleader, replevin, forcible entry and detainer, to satisfy judgments, for the sale of personal property, and for the foreclosure and marshalling of liens are all within the purview of the court. The court has jurisdiction in all actions for injunction to prevent or terminate violations of the ordinances and regulations of the city of Lorain enacted or promulgated under the police power of the city of Lorain, pursuant to Section 3 of Article XVIII, Ohio Constitution, over which the Common Pleas Court has or may have jurisdiction, and in such case, the court may proceed to render such judgments and make such findings and orders in the same manner and to the same extent as in like cases in the Court of Common Pleas. It also has jurisdiction in all actions and proceedings for the sale of real property under a lien of judgment of the municipal court, in all actions for the recovery of real property situated within its territory, and in all actions for the foreclosure of a mortgage or real property given to secure the payment of money. The statute authorizes the transfer of judgments from one court of record to another and any proceedings for collection may be had on such judgments the same as if it had been issued by the transferor court.

Clerk Division

The clerk of the municipal court shall have general powers to administer oaths, take affidavits, and issue executions upon any judgment rendered in the municipal court, including a judgment for unpaid costs, power to issue and sign all writs, process subpoenas and papers issuing out of court and to attach the seal of the court thereto, and power to approve all bonds, sureties. recognizances, and undertakings fixed by any judge of the court or by law. The clerk shall file and safely keep all journals, records, books and papers belonging or appertaining to the court, record its proceedings, and perform all other duties which the judges of the court may prescribe and keep a book showing all receipts and disbursements, which shall be open for public inspection at all times.

The clerk shall prepare and maintain a general index, a docket, and such other records as the court, by rule, requires, all of which shall be the public records of the court. In such docket the clerk shall enter, at the time of the commencement of an action, the names of the parties in full, the names of counsel, and the nature of the proceedings. Under proper dates he shall note the filing of the petition and the issuance of summonses or other writs, returns, and pleadings subsequent thereto. The clerk shall also enter all reports, verdicts, orders, judgments, and proceedings of the court clearly specifying the relief granted or orders made in action. The court may order an extended record of any of the above to be made and entered, under the proper action heading, upon such docket at the request of any part, to said cases, the expense of which may be taxed as costs in the case or may be required to be prepaid by the party demanding the same, upon order of the court.

Source: www.cityoflorain.org
720 Sheffield Court, LAKE FOREST, IL Presented by Nancy
720 Sheffield Court, LAKE FOREST, IL Presented by Nancy ...
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Judicial Court report 3/14/2016
Judicial Court report 3/14/2016
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