Stenographers Association

Stenographers Association

Welcome to the web page designed to introduce you to this association and the many reasons it is important – to you, to the public, to the court reporting profession. You will also come to understand why this association is unique among others and learn of the many benefits it has achieved for its members. Let’s begin by describing the purpose of our organization.


Our mission is pure. The New York State Court Reporters Association was organized for the purpose of maintaining standards of excellence in court reporting, promoting the general welfare of court reporters, fostering high professional standards, and promoting a spirit of mutual assistance between the profession of court reporting, the courts, and members of the bar.


Stated broadly, the NYS Court Reporters Association informs, alerts, educates, and advocates for the reporting community throughout New York State. It also fosters and promotes professional ideals. Judicial-related reporters, students, captioners, and CART providers are welcomed and supported.


This association is focused on improving conditions and advocating for all court reporters in New York State.

· It is vigilant about finding and opposing threats to court reporting jobs. [Advocacy]

· It provides opportunities to enrich your career by giving you knowledge/skills to become a more valuable court reporter. [Events and Exams]

· It encourages and supports our students – perpetuating the longevity of our profession.

· It promotes and represents our profession to the public.

· It provides opportunities for networking and camaraderie. [Events]

· And it salutes those deserving of recognition.

· Member discounts are available on many business and lifestyle items reporters are likely to purchase.

Lawyers have Bar Associations. Other professionals have theirs. In New York State, we have the New York State Court Reporters Association. This organization is all about one person - You! Our volunteers work hard – for You!


Banding with those engaged in similar activity has long been acknowledged as important to professional survival and success. Throughout the world, associations instruct, defend, predict, alert, and explain. They help turn technicians into professionals. They are where we share experiences and increase in professional knowledge. And their professional examinations provide the opportunity to objectively demonstrate our competence. Their conventions and other gatherings are to network and compete for the title of “best.” And, yes, they also provide camaraderie.

Supporting our important work helps each reporter prosper, and perpetuates our profession. Cost is minimal. Rewards are great.

[Click here for convention and other meeting information]


Reporters are encouraged to belong to at least one national reporting organization (NCRA/USCRA) plus their state association. The resources and interests of a national group provide products and professional viewpoints typically unavailable locally. A state association provides alerts to local employment and examinations, and pinpoints concerns and trends specific to the reporter’s state.

[Click here to join NYSCRA]

National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) assists all stenographic court reporters across America.

[Click here for the NCRA website]

[Click here to join NCRA]

United States Court Reporters Association (USCRA) supports reporters who work in the federal court system.

[Click here for the USCRA website]

[Click here to join USCRA]

INTERSTENO, and specifically its Parliamentary and Other Reporters Section, is an international society with representatives from many countries.

[Click here for the Intersteno IPRS website]

Incorporated Phonographic Society of London, the world’s first shorthand organization, perpetuates and supports the system created in 1840 by the genius of Isaac Pitman.

[Click here for the IPS website and membership]


Legislative Activity for NYS Reporters

Court reporters employed in the New York State court system comprise a large body of the reporting population in New York State. What happens to them often affects other areas of reporting statewide. Thus, NYSCRA has a very active legislative committee that works in tandem with the very effective Association of Surrogates and Supreme Court Reporters, as well as other unions across the state. Here are some of our recent on your behalf.

Gregg Stenography how it works lesson 2
Gregg Stenography how it works lesson 2
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