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AWR Court Reporting

AWR has been the North and South Carolina Bar Associations’ preferred choice in court reporting for over 30 years. We offer a large staff of certified, professional court reporters to handle your case.

With AWR You Can Count On:

Accuracy- Our staff of professionally trained court reporters can handle all of your litigation needs.

Interactive Realtime Reporting- View the transcript as the testimony is being taken down in live Realtime from your PC or iPad, allowing you to highlight, annotate and issue code text on the fly for immediate review by your staff, co-counsel or experts.

Easily Accessible Transcripts- AWR’s Litigation Repository is your virtual briefcase! Through the secure repository, transcripts are available in E-transcript, ASCII, PDF, condensed or paper formats.

Worldwide Coverage- AWR can arrange local, nationwide, and international court reporting and litigation support with one call.

Convenience- AWR is happy to offer our clients high-tech, neutrally located conference rooms at no cost for depositions and virtual conferences.

Availability- Choosing AWR means you have access to our specialists for all of your litigation support needs 24/7.

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Geo News responsible and accurate reporting of the
Geo News responsible and accurate reporting of the ...
Long Island NY Court Reporters, 631-331-3753, Accurate
Long Island NY Court Reporters, 631-331-3753, Accurate ...
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