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- Was this comment helpful? / reporter for ten years, and earned my RPR before I finished school. Go to courtreporterconnect, to feel for the court reporting world. Court reporting school is not easy because it's a talent and skill, and not something you take courses and get a grade.

It is a good job for introverts. In depos you swear in the witness, ask to repeat if you are unsure, read back when asked.

Whether you can get into trial work depends on your skills. Most courts have certain reporter requirements to get into court (like state certification or RPR).

- Was this comment helpful? / reporting school drop out. It's a hard skill to learn! The drop out rate is about 92% for court reporting school. I am a paralegal now.

Court reporters read back testimony - that is a very stressful thing to have to do. Also, I have been cold-called by court reporters trying to drum up some deposition work - so you might have to sell your services. At depositions you might sometimes have to speak up and tell people to stop talking over one another. (Well, that was common for the attorneys I worked for.) You also have to interact with attorneys and paralegals when they want to buy a transcript.

I don't think there is a shortage of court reporters anymore. The court reporters I know are all extroverts, but that may be coincidence.

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54 months ago

It does not matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert. An introvert may have trouble speaking up when a firm treats them badly, or when lawyers speak over each other, or when a witness is inaudible or unclear. You have to have good personal skills if the lawyer speaks with you; it is a plus on getting called again for a job.

A firm gives you the work when you first get out of school. Firms are looking for someone dependable, professional, and it is a plus if you have additional certifications (RPR + CSR). It is easy to find work as a freelance if you will move to where the work is. In a lot of firms, the best reporters (CRR and RMR's) get the best jobs. Firms sometimes try to be fair, but they do not want to put you in over your head either.

Just realize that court reporting is a very high-skill (225wpm+), high stress (2 week transcription time, many tests to pass, multiple speakers, 90% dropout rate), high risk (only 2% of the graduates pass the CSR) profession, and most people only focus on the high pay (which varies).

Good grammar is a plus, but typing skills isn't as great as having video gaming or piano skills. I say video gaming because both Mark Kislingbury and the best court reporter in Hawaii were video gamers prior to great court reporters. Typing is not the same, but finger dexterity is a plus.

You want to be consistent and deliberate in practices. Don't miss a day. Find a shorter theory, and it will pay off big-time in the long run. A longer theory (StenEd, Phoenix, Roberts Walsh Gonzalez) is a sure way to hinder progress. If you do get stuck with one, learn briefs! Last note, don't attend an expensive school (you don't even need a degree to be a CR); community colleges are usually in your best interest.

- Was this comment helpful? / field would also ripple through the court reporter profession. Any thoughts, as I'm only speculating.

- Was this comment helpful? / and searchable now. You only print it out if you need to and sometimes that's never. Clients won't pay for summaries so they aren't done, but you can search by key word or whatever. The money saving comes in when you settle cases prior to any depositions.

- Was this comment helpful? / firms. It makes sense that there are no paralegal jobs anymore with this being the case. With the way things are getting squeezed, the legal industry is going to have a lot less people in it in another decade.

- Was this comment helpful? / and I've been working in the courthouse for four years now. I think the instruction in school is sufficient in order to jump right into the courtroom. The main difference I noted was the length of time you're on your machine on the job. Stamina is something that you can work towards though, and while it's physically taxing, the mental stress is not bad.
The hard part is definitely speaking up when you didn't hear someone clearly. Most of the time that is the speaker's fault, and it's amazing to me how many attorneys have approached me after and apologized, saying "I know, I'm a fast/mumbled/quiet talker." The judges I work for are quick to interrupt a lawyer though if I give him or her a look or simply say, "Judge?" and shake my head.
I don't experience a lot of interaction with a lot of people. Some days I only talk to my fellow reporters and exchange some pleasantries with the judge before going to court. I have had to read back twice since I started.
When it comes to stress, my experience has been the job is only as stressful as your ability (or inability) to manage your time wisely and prioritize. In Illinois, we have seven weeks to prepare appeals for folks taking their cases to the appellate court in Springfield. That is more than enough time to prepare even days upon days of jury trial transcripts.
Sometimes people will request transcripts, and due to their lack of planning, are anxious to get it quickly. I have had some late nights where I've worked way past regular hours in order to get their requests fulfilled in time. Although since I work from my laptop, I can do it all from home from the comfort of my couch and in my PJs. And while it is stressful and draining, we are compensanted well for it. And frankly we should be. We devote a lot of time to ensuring the accuracy of these transcripts and we're being paid for our time and our skill.

- Was this comment helpful? / reporter that we know of, and he is definitely an extrovert. There are less court reporters I've met who are not.

I believe I have the skills to become a court reporter, but there are no schools nearby for a full-time worker. Do you know any reputable on-line schools and what shorter theory would you recommend? (btw I've read all the negatives and the willingness to practice, practice, practice is necessary to achieve speed).

- Was this comment helpful? / colleges are usually in your best interest.

Wow, I didn't realize there were shorter theories. Can someone advise what are some of those shorter theories? I learned Phoenix and have not graduated after being in and out of school for the past ten plus years.

- Was this comment helpful? / reporters provide you with highly professional court reporters to record your depositions.

- Was this comment helpful? / recording devices. I therefore decided not to go that route because I would hate to go to school for it & then there are no jobs when I graduate. Here is a link about it ->

- Was this comment helpful? / I think writing is a VERY solitary profession. The only other job like that I can think about is as a nite security guard but that seems rather stressful/not pay much.
I always fantasized about being a writer and writing my life story which would most like interest nobody but ME. It be a memoir but people would think I made stuff up.
I picture Me in AK in a log cabin writing novels that are so fascinating and different...Oprah calls me and wants to fly me in for an interview!
But what the OP suggested NO, any job you need to deal w people regularly NOT for introverts. I believe most serious writers who make a living off it live and work at home, they don't need to go into an office and deal w boring and unessessary chit chat/workplace drama etc.

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