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Listed below are all of the accredited schools in Massachusetts that offer Criminal Justice programs.


As a prospective criminal justice student, you may be drawn to Massachusetts because of the many career and educational options that may be available to you. The state is currently undergoing major criminal justice reform, according to New England Public Radio. As the state aims to prevent crime, rehabilitate drug users, and lower the amount of people in the prison system, graduates can take advantage of several career paths. Criminal justice professionals can find the support of several organizations in Massachusetts, such as the Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts. Find out more about criminal justice programs in your city to learn how you can start a career in this field. Simply use our directory of schools to get started.

Criminal Justice Education in Massachusetts

Criminal justice is a growing career field in Massachusetts and across the nation. It is also a varied industry that encompasses many different types of jobs. Most people who plan to make their career in criminal justice earn at least a bachelor degree from an accredited college in Massachusetts. However, some entry-level positions require only an associate degree or no post-secondary education. If you're ready to start down your criminal justice career path, use our school listings below to request information and compare programs near you.

If you do plan to enroll a bachelor or master degree program, you can expect to complete several courses of criminal justice core curriculum courses. Some of these may include:

  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Correctional Facility Administration
  • Criminal and Crime Scene Investigation
  • Sociology of Crime and Punishment
  • Cultural Aspects of Criminal Justice
  • Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Some colleges refer to the main program courses as your foundational coursework. You will also need to complete the liberal arts portion of your degree program, including math, science and English. When you reach the end of your formal coursework, you may spend your last semester doing criminal justice fieldwork or a Capstone project. A Capstone project requires you to create an example case study and utilize the skills you have learned in your criminal justice program to resolve it. You are expected to employ critical thinking skills, strategic planning, professional writing ability and teamwork with other classmates.

With nearly 50 schools to choose from, criminal justice students in Massachusetts have a wide selection of specializations and program types to choose from, including doctoral programs. Your school can help you apply for several available scholarships, like those awarded by the American Criminal Justice Association and the National Black Police Association.

Outlook for Criminal Justice in Massachusetts

Whether you're looking for big city action or small town serenity, Massachusetts has it. Departments in larger urban areas are expected to hire more in the coming years than their smaller counterparts, however. Below you can see the average salary of some prominent criminal justice careers in Massachusetts with 2014 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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