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South Carolina Court Reporters Association

There are several steps which should be taken in order to become a court reporter in South Carolina. These steps include:

Court reporters are essential to the legal system because they make lasting and official records of what was said during legal processes. These records are the primary, and often the only, means of determining what happened during any number of legal and judicial proceedings. In South Carolina a shortage of court reporters actually led to the cancellation of court proceedings in Aiken County in summer 2013. Such is the essential nature of the service court reporters provide.

Court reporters in South Carolina not only work in the actual court room, such as during a murder trial or lawsuit hearing, but many South Carolina court reporters also spend a significant part of their working time in out-of-court legal proceedings, such as when recording arbitrations, depositions, and other legal proceedings which may not occur in the court itself.

Step 1. Familiarize Yourself with the South Carolina Court Reporter’s Manual

The State of South Carolina has issued a Court Reporter Manual (SCCRM), which states the proper conduct, dress code, and discipline expected by court reporters in the state. It also states that every court reporter employed by the state is assigned to a Family or Circuit Court judge, among other things. You should read this manual in order to familiarize yourself with the norms of court reporting in the state.

Step 2. Earn an Associate’s Degree or Diploma in Court Reporting

According to the SCCRM one of the ways to qualify as a court reporter in the state is to earn an associate’s degree or diploma from an accredited institution. These degrees and certificates can be found under such titles as:

  • Associates in Court Reporting
  • Associates in Technical Court Reporting
  • Associates in Technical Stenography
  • Certificate in Court Reporting Technology

Explore Other Education Options Related to Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Here you’ll find schools that offer certificate and degree programs well suited to a career in legal assisting, law office management and the paralegal profession.

Step 3. Take the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) or Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR) Exam

The SCCRM also states that another way you can become a court reporter in the South Carolina is by becoming certified by either the National Court Reporters Association or the National Verbatim Recorders Association.

The NCRA’s certification is called Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), while that of the NVRA is called Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR). These certifications demonstrate that you have the skills and abilities necessary to perform the job description of a court reporter.

Step 4. Gain Experience and Find Employment as a Court Reporter in
South Carolina

South Carolina is in need of court reporters. There is currently a shortage in the state. Court reporters may find work with any of several firms, including the following:

The South Carolina Judiciary prefers that you have actual court reporting experience in order to be in the best position to gain employment with the court system. This experience can be gained by working with an independent court reporting agency, such as listed above, until you have enough experience to work with the judiciary, if that is your desire.

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