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Brooks Court Reporting

Court Reporting Firm
Brooks Court Reporting offers court reporters across the State to meet your deposition needs. High volume, quick turnaround, and quality work are our corporate expectations and we are proud to support our professionals with state of the art equipment and continuing education.

Let us handle your:

  1. •Depositions
    Our court reporters are skilled and precise, taking care to provide you with accurate data and information required for you to offer optimal services to your clients.
  1. •Realtime Court Reporting
    Saving time and money are important to us and we understand how the ability to access deposition testimony is valuable for litigators during the discovery phase as well as throughout a deposition. Our realtime deposition capabilities surpass others in the industry allowing Brooks Court Reporting to offer highly technological realtime court reporting and multiple IT connections for depositions in and out of state. Realtime you can read at the deposition is important.
  1. •Trials
    We offer daily copy transcripts for depositions and trials.

Video Depositions
Using the most up to date technology, our videographers capture the essence of testimony as it is displayed realtime and take care to ensure that the end product whether on CD, DVD, VHS or saved on hard drive is broadcast quality and meets our commitment to excellence.

Additional specialty services offered include:

  1. •On-site Daily Copy
  2. •Statewide Coverage
  3. •Nationwide Coverage
  4. •Expedited Transcripts
  5. •Condensed Transcripts
  6. •Internet Streaming of Text and Video
  7. •Realtime Court Reporters
  8. •ASCII Disks
  9. •E-Transcripts
  10. •Video Depositions
  11. •Video Conferencing
Source: www.brookscourtreporting.com
Boston Globe Reporters Help Deliver Newspapers After
Boston Globe Reporters Help Deliver Newspapers After ...
[Boston reporter Steve Silva‘s video 记者史蒂夫 ·
[Boston reporter Steve Silva‘s video 记者史蒂夫 · ...
Whitey Bulger and Greig appear in Boston court
Whitey Bulger and Greig appear in Boston court
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