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Any use of the title "Certified Shorthand Reporter, " within New York State requires licensure.

To be licensed as a certified shorthand reporter in New York State you must:

  • be of good moral character;
  • be at least 21 years of age;
  • meet education and examination requirements; and
  • meet experience requirements.

You must file an application for licensure and the other forms indicated, along with the appropriate fee, to the Office of the Professions at the address specified on each form. It is your responsibility to follow up with anyone you have asked to send us material.

The specific requirements for licensure are contained in Title 8, Article 151, Section 7504 of New York's Education Law and Part 71 of the Commissioners Regulations.

The fee for licensure is $173.

Fees are subject to change. The fee due is the one in law when your application is received (unless fees are increased retroactively). You will be billed for the difference if fees have been increased.

  • Do not send cash.
  • Make your personal check or money order payable to the New York State Education Department. Your cancelled check is your receipt.
  • Mail your application and fee to:

    New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions
    PO Box 22063
    Albany, NY 12201

NOTE: Payment submitted from outside the United States should be made by check or draft on a United States bank and in United States currency; payments submitted in any other form will not be accepted and will be returned.

Individuals who withdraw their licensure application may be entitled to a partial refund.

  • The State Education Department is not responsible for any fees paid to an outside testing or credentials verification agency.

If you withdraw your application, obtain a refund, and then decide to seek New York State licensure at a later date, you will be considered a new applicant, and you will be required to pay the licensure fee and meet the licensure requirements in place at the time you reapply.

To meet the education and experience requirements for licensure, you must present evidence of satisfying the preprofessional and professional education requirements listed below.

Source: www.op.nysed.gov
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