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Are you looking for an exciting career that puts you in the center of dramatic courtroom action? Or one in which judges and attorneys rely on you for an accurate record of courtroom testimony?

Court reporters play a critical role in the judicial system by creating a verbatim record of depositions and court proceedings. These records can be read back during trial and an official transcript produced to provide an accurate, secure record of proceedings.

The stenography method of reporting utilizes a computer and a specialized machine called a stenotype. Brown College students learn to use combinations of keys on the machine combined with shorthand to write words and phrases quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Our graduates master this skill at 225 words per minute with 95 percent accuracy.

The US Department of Labor projects the demand for court reporters to increase by 18 percent through 2018. Many of our graduates have found fulfilling, professional careers in the courtroom but that’s not the only place our graduates work. Others are hired by attorneys, companies, associations and other organizations to accurately document pretrial testimony, depositions, business meetings and much more. They can also be hired to provide live captioning for television.

Brown College will expose you to both steno and voice reporting methods so you can decide which method best suits you. If you would like to learn more about a rewarding career in court reporting, please contact our Admissions Office. Your future career is waiting.


Judicial Reporting—Associate of Applied Science Degree (A.A.S)
Court Reporting—Certificate
(Stenography Method—Campus and Online)

TOTAL Quarter Credit Hours for Certificate program: 163
TOTAL Quarter Credit Hours for Judicial Reporting A.A.S program: 186

Program Mission

The Court Reporting Program at Brown College is designed to prepare students to take the state certification exam and to prepare the students for an entry-level position in the court reporting field.


  • Introduction to Machine Shorthand Theory
  • Introduction to Realtime Reporting
  • Theory Reinforcement
  • Advanced Theory
  • Punctuation and Usage
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Proofreading
  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Legal Terminology
  • Court Reporting Procedures
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Terminology Lab
  • Medical Anatomy/Physiology
  • Medical Anatomy/Physiology Lab
  • Keyboarding I and II
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Court Reporting Technology II, III, and IV
  • Multi-Voice Dictation for 160, 180, 200, 225
  • Reporter Dictation 180 and 200
  • Professional Development
  • Current Events
  • Court Externship
  • Freelance Externship
  • Technical Dictation-Transcription (180)

General Education (A.A.S. Degree only)

  • English Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Recent History of the United States
  • Essentials of Ecology
  • Introduction to Geography
  • Mathematics

Speed-Building Classes


  • Beginning Drill Class
  • Intermediate Drill Class
  • Advanced Drill Class

Students must pass speed tests at the required speed and accuracy percentage (see catalog) in order to progress to the next level. Length of time to complete the program is based on the individuals’ ability to pick up the skill.

Bombay High Court begins dictation of verdict in Salman
Bombay High Court begins dictation of verdict in Salman ...
"TH" Dictation for Court Reporting Students
"TH" Dictation for Court Reporting Students
Dictation: BRIEFS for beginning Court Reporters!
Dictation: BRIEFS for beginning Court Reporters!
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