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Court Reporting Schools in Georgia

Looking for court reporting schools in Georgia? Court reporters are in growing demand across the country. The department of labor projects a 25% growth rate in court reporting through 2016! Court reporters provide an essential service to the legal community by capturing a verbatim transcript of legal proceedings. In addition, court reporters work flexible hours, and make an average salary over $60, 000. Many experienced freelance court reporters make even more. Best of all, a degree in court reporting can be earned in just two years. To find out more about a career in CART/Captioning, please contact us.

Court or judicial reporters are the Guardians of the Record. They take down sworn testimony and quickly produce verbatim transcripts for judges, attorneys, or litigants. They capture spoken words in shorthand on stenotype machines or by using speech recognition technology and use computer software to translate them quickly into clear, accurate, written English. Our graduates master this skill to 225 words per minute with 95% accuracy. Steno or Voice/Your Choice…ONLY at Brown College.


  • As a graduate, enjoy the benefits of Brown College’s national reputation.
  • Be in the hub of important situations: trials, depositions, congressional hearings, anywhere events must be documented verbatim
  • Work in the court system, for a court reporting agency, or pursue freelance opportunities
  • Average income is $60, 000 according to the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA)
  • Nationwide demand for skilled reporters
  • Excellent career placement for our state – certified court reporters

Who succeeds at this? People who:

  • love words
  • have a high curiosity factor
  • can take the pressure of intense situations
  • embrace technology and the good things it can do
  • desire a professional life and are not afraid to work hard for it.

Why Choose Brown College?

  • Brown College is currently the only National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) approved court reporting program in the state of Georgia.
  • Flexible part-time, evening and online courses.
  • You can explore stenography and voice writing and decide which method is the best fit for you.
  • Our rigorous program is taught by some of the leading faculty in the industry; many with court reporting experience.
  • Our local and national reputation for excellence is one of the many reasons 98 percent of our graduates are employed in their field of study.
  • Our average class size ranges from 8 to 20 students which means you build strong relationships with our faculty and your fellow students.
  • Career services are available for our graduates.
  • Court reporters enjoy high earning potential. The National Court Reporters Association estimates that the median annual salary for professional court reporters is $60, 000.
  • Benefit from Brown’s 40+ years of experience training students.
  • Brown College is a member of Alpha Beta Kappa National Honor Society.
  • The campus is centrally located in Buckhead.
  • Brown College is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Our Court Reporting Program

Our court reporting students learn state-of-the-art machine shorthand theory and then embark on a program of speedbuilding to 225 words per minute, compatible with the standards of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) for their Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification.

But the profession of court reporting requires much more than just speed. During the speedbuilding process, students receive training in English grammar, spelling, and punctuation; medical, legal, and technical terminology and concepts; realtime computer technology; keyboarding; RPR preparation; and, just prior to graduation, court and freelance externships. Our top-notch faculty includes graduates of such prestigious schools as Yale and Dartmouth.

Our History

Founded in 1972 by Forrest M. Brown, a leader in the field of court reporting, Brown College has launched many successful careers. Over the years, Brown College has developed a national reputation for excellence and prides itself on adapting to industry trends and technological advances to ensure its graduates have the educational, technological and professional foundation they need for success. In 2009, Brown was purchased by Coyne American Institute. Established in 1899, Coyne has over a century of career training excellence and two campuses in the Chicago area.

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Source: www.bccr.edu
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