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Court Reporting Schools in NJ

Court reporters in New Jersey are licensed and regulated by the State Board of Court Reporting, a section of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. In addition, the Certified Court Reporters Association of New Jersey (CCRA-NJ) endorses standards of excellence, dispenses important information, provides education and offers networking opportunities. The steps you must take to enjoy a career as a court reporter in New Jersey are as follows:

New Jersey courts and businesses are teeming with activity. There are currently 250 (2010) certified court reporters employed in New Jersey and that number is expected to increase 14 percent by 2020.

Step 1. Graduate from a Court Reporter School Program

There is at least one accredited on-campus school for court reporting in New Jersey as well as several excellent online institutions. Plan on devoting two years to complete your education and possibly longer if needed to achieve the required speed levels. Many schools provide job search assistance. You can choose to focus on regular stenotype reporting or specialize in either broadcast captioning or CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation).

A federal 2006 law mandating the captioning of television programs for the deaf or hearing impaired has greatly increased the need for court reporters to transcribe dramas, sitcoms, documentaries, sports events, news and special events.

CART involves transcribing the spoken word for deaf or hearing impaired persons at all kinds of functions and places, such as lecture halls, classrooms, churches, boardrooms, committee meetings, conventions, hospitals, etc.

The NJ Board of Court Reporting requirements to become a certified court reporter are:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Good moral character as established by a criminal background search
  • High school diploma or its equivalent; court reporter training
  • Application submitted at least three weeks before exam date
  • Application fee paid
  • Successful completion of Board approved certification exam
  • New Jersey location for the transaction of business

Explore Other Education Options Related to Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Here you’ll find schools that offer certificate and degree programs well suited to a career in legal assisting, law office management and the paralegal profession.

Step 2. Complete New Jersey Board Application and Pay Examination Fee

Application forms are available online or can be requested from the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Affairs, Board of Court Reporting, 124 Halsey Street, 6th Floor, P.O. Box 45019, Newark, NJ 07101; 973-504-6490. Include a passport-style photo and the $150.00 application fee.

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Court Reporters in Cliffside Park, NJ | 866-357-1796 ...
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